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Today my world was filled with fragrant flowers, lush green grass and towering shade trees, gently flowing streams, soft breezes caressing my face through the rays of a beaming sun, sweet soul music played by a band whose name I don’t know, and kind compassionate friends whom I can hug without fear.



Life during this Pandemic Quarantine is littered with alarming news about illness, economic downturns, social upheaval, fires, hurricanes, murderous hornets and apocalyptic election predictions. But we know that these times are also sewn with silver linings and we are looking for them. I am a realist, and I think we should work to solve all these problems. Our good deeds, empathy, kindness, compassion and forgiveness is needed more than ever. Along with our willingness to stand up for what is right and fair and just in the world. But it is a scientific fact that a steady diet of bad news is just not good for your brain, your nervous system, your mental health or your physical and psychological well-being. All the bad news was taking me down a rabbit hole I just didn’t want to enter. I had to get out of the cycle of doomscrolling one scary pessimistic article after another. That contributes only to depression and a sense of hopelessness. Without hope, we are lost.

英航ck in 1990, Roger and I were at the Conference on World Affairs where we were invited to visit a technology cave at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The tech gurus hooked us up to what they called a "mind vacation." We now call it Virtual Reality. The point was to escape and create a more pleasant mood or experience at will. I have learned that I can also do it with a movie, meditation, prayer, music and so forth. Roger calls it tapping into "Untamed Joy!"


Saturday, August 1st, was the 101st birthday of Mrs. Catherine Stovall, the mother of a friend of mine who is part of my Crane High School Reunion group. I decided to spend some time filming her (socially distanced of course) to glean some insights from a wise woman who has spent her years helping others and who still finds hope in the world even in the midst of chaos. It worked. Her outlook was surprisingly refreshing and helped to turn around my day. “Live life a day at a time,” she told me. I have heard that in various forms from twelve-step recovery groups and Eckhart Tolle’s admonition to “Stay in the now.” But there was something about the way she said it that jolted me back to the core of myself.

Her gratitude was front and center. She was born on August 1st, 1919, in Carleton, Alabama and lived through many things including the Great Depression of 1929. She spoke about not having food to eat or running water or indoor plumbing during that time, but said the grace of God brought her through. She raised seven children (the eighth died at an early age), and she learned to sew to make clothes for them. Times were tight after the death of her first husband but she worked hard to provide for her family, and eventually remarried.

帮助她的孩子与他们的家庭作业启发她回到学校,她是在71岁。她颁发的盖德在此之后她参加了东北伊利诺斯州大学和Malcolm X学院。她还赢得了由全国浸信会基督教教育文凭在旧金山举行的仪式。职业明智的她曾在摩托罗拉,盟军和教育委员会退休。她教导主日学,直到她95岁!她告诉我她爱旅游的,以及它如何把她带到了世界博览会在加拿大于1964年,巴哈马,加纳,除了在巴巴多斯,伯利兹,牙买加,圣马丁,夏威夷巡航和来访的停靠港口和阿拉斯加州。当忆及她已经访问了50个州的38她笑了。作为在这个女王的存在,并注视着她闪闪发光带我去一个地方野性十足的喜悦。她说,我们将度过这次难关。她也认为与喜悦连接。

The second event that took me to my #HappyPlace was a reminder from a friend of what happened to me in August of 2018. I had a dream that it was my birthday and that I woke up so happy. In the dream I was having tea with the Buddhist Scholar, Professor Robert A.F. Thurman. We were sitting at a table discussing Buddhism. After our talk, I went to a small town nearby and as I walked among the people I became aware that I could read their thoughts or feel their emotions. I noticed that there was no judgment, only feelings of kindness and compassion. It was extraordinary. When I wrote about my dream I got messages on social media that it was Professor Thurman’s birthday! And then he wrote to me that he had a dream the same night that he was having tea at a table with a goddess deity. Still generates endorphins when I think about it.


So whether your #HappyPlace is a movie, or a dream or a song, or whatever takes you out of the current chaos, please share it with us by sending a brief sentence toeditor@兴发ebertdigital.com. And in the Subject or Topic box write #HappyPlace, #UntamedJoy.


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