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It is a joyless,没有生命,boring affair that repeats ideas from better X-films and feels more like an obligatory reunion cash grab than a deeply…

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Your kids will be sufficiently entertained,但他们也应该得到一只愿意学习一些新技巧的狗。

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Howards End




《奈良歌谣》是一部美轮美奂的日本电影。telling a story of startling cruelty.What a space it opens…




Dark Phoenix Movie Review

"You're always sorry and there's always a speech.但没人再在乎了。”

对于一个角色来说,很少有人能说一句对话,它完美地捕捉了一部完全有缺陷的电影基础,就像《黑暗的菲尼克斯》中的那句特别的台词,它是一个有着显著的高点和显著低点的特许经营的最后一个喘息点,但是从来没有完全看过一部电影,它感觉就像没有人关心过。据说是为了向角色送行,并在整个过程中引入演员。X战警:头等舱X战警:过去的日子," and "X战警:天启”,西蒙·金伯格's directorial debut simply has nothing going on under the surface,and that's pretty bland too.It is a joyless,没有生命,无聊的事情,重复从更好的X-电影的想法,感觉更像是一个强制性的团聚现金攫取,而不是一个深刻考虑的告别标志性人物。


When Jean Grey was a child,她的父母在一场车祸中丧生,因为他们女儿的精神力量以一种让妈妈睡在方向盘后面的方式显现出来。查尔斯·泽维尔教授(詹姆斯·麦卡沃伊)收留了孤儿知道他可以用控制她的力量的方式抚养她,and she became a part of the X-Men,played when she's older bySophie Turner.In an early scene in "Dark Phoenix," the X-Men are sent on a mission to save a crew of a space shuttle that is spinning out of control.Jean Grey,Professor X,乌鸦(詹妮弗·劳伦斯),野兽(尼古拉斯·胡尔特),Cyclops (谢里丹),Quicksilver (Evan Peters),暴风雨(亚历山德拉·希普),和夜行侠(Kodi Smit-McPhee) spring into action.What follows is actually the best sequence in the movie as the X-Men combine to use their powers to save the crew and Jean ends up taking the brunt of what is though to be a solar flare at first but ends up being some sort of interstellar,planet-destroying force.And that force now lives inside Jean.

Renamed the Phoenix by some for the way she cheated death,琼现在拥有非同寻常的力量,她难以控制。She's also flooded by memories of her past that Professor X helped repress,她的新的愤怒能力和她父亲的背叛感相结合,将凤凰带到了黑暗的一面。一个被称为Vuk的外星人Jessica Chastain)鼓励凤凰去所有的空间精神,or that our heroine ends up killing someone she once loved.所有这些都带来了磁电机(迈克尔·法斯本德) back into the fold,and a whole lot of things go boom and bam.If you're even remotely turned off by the trend of blockbusters climaxes that exist almost solely to present CGI versions of things smashing into each other,远离“黑凤凰”。

事实上,还有很多其他的理由远离“黑暗凤凰”。The best "X-Men" movies contain a degree of subtext (often about outsiders),但是“黑凤凰”都是扁平文本。每个人都说了他们的意思,感觉,and need at all times,leading to dialogue that gets so repetitive and boring that it becomes numbing for the LONG stretches between poorly-directed action sequences (there's one in which X-Men fight trying to cross a street that is comically bad in terms of choreography).People say generic Comic Book Movie Mad-Libs things like "When I lose control things happen,“对我爱的人来说是坏事,”你开始祈祷万磁王/法斯宾德说出一些轻率的俏皮话,或者,gasp,异想天开。The truth is that Wolverine/Jackman added some playful energy to the other films,令人震惊的是,没有人认为也许其他人应该在这里扮演这个角色。


可能是因为每个人都无聊得不在乎。Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful actress in the right material,but she simply can't be convinced to feign excitement about playing this part one more contractually-mandated time.杰西卡·查斯顿通常能给她所做的每件事带来深度和细微差别,but she gets lost in a non-character here.麦卡沃伊和法斯本德曾经在这些人物身上注入过生命,但将这些表演与他们在“头等舱”和“未来的日子”中的工作进行对比,就像在他们职业生涯的开始和结束时看到一名运动员。The heart's just not there.And I don't believe in being mean to young performers,所以我就这么说。特纳在这里的执导方式并没有使我相信她能演一部电影。她对《灰凤凰》的看法与漫画书中的人物有趣的地方相差甚远,以至于他们根本就不一样。“黑暗凤凰”在核心层面上的一个关键问题是,它表面上是关于一个女人的情绪变得危险,但特纳并没有传达出一个单一的人的感觉是相互关联的。She's more like an android who has gone haywire than a human or even mutant lost control of her powers.Jean Grey's turn to the dark side needs to be about powerful,relatable,激情四射。Here it's just about an actress covered in CGI swirls.

Everyone seems to agree that this X-venture is the last cinematic one for a long time.Fox is being rolled into the Marvel empire and we probably won't see Professor X,磁电机,or even Wolverine for years.到那时,每个人都会忘记“黑凤凰”的。that will happen by the end of the month.毕竟,没人在乎了。

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