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这是多么奇怪,狂野,有时是精彩的虚拟奥斯卡季节。它远未结束,鉴于我们从第93届仪式中大约两个月,将于4月25日 - 最近的日期举行。由于一些薄膜制作由于冠状病毒流行病而关闭,学院决定将本赛季扩展为两个月,2月28日的合格结束日期。2021年3月14日,提名将于3月14日宣布。

The season might have been maximized, but the movies up for honors got smaller. With many theaters shuttered last year due to safety concerns, major studios pulled many of the big-budget blockbusters such as the 007 adventure “No Time to Die,” the new version of the musical “West Side Story那”Wes Anderson.’s “The French Dispatch,”雷利斯科特的“The Last Duel” and the艾瑞莎富兰克林Biopic“尊重”主演Jennifer Hudson

我们留下的是更亲密的,艺术家 - y,多元文化,多样化的人才,在相机前面和后面的人才出现在Netflix,亚马逊,Hulu和迪斯尼+或Vod等流网站上。但一部电影迅速被指定为一个击败:chloézhao.’s transcendent “游牧民族。” When it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in early September, it won the Golden Lion. It also claimed the People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival later that month. The tale of itinerant gig workers who chose to live in their RVs after the Great Recession while freely roaming the American West, which stars two-time Best Actress winnerFrances McDormand.那was quickly pegged as the front-runner to beat.

一些可能撞到以下可能的竞争者的迟到的延迟抵达包括“Judas and the Black Messiah那” about Fred Hampton (an electrifyingDaniel Kaluuya), the murdered radical chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party, who was taken down by an FBI informant (LaKeith Stanfield);“Sound of Metal,“关于摇滚鼓手(Riz Ahmed) who must cope with losing his hearing; and “灵魂,“一个关于爵士音乐家的像素动画电影(表达了Jamie Foxx) who dies just before he gets his big break and ends up as a soul in the “Great Beyond.” It has a chance to become the third Pixar title to compete in the category after 2009’s “向上“和2010年的玩具故事3.”

This year, academy voters can still name between five to 10 nominees for Best Picture, but next year, they will be allowed to fill all 10 slots. Here are the favorites to find a spot on the ballot for Oscar’s top prize.

1. “Nomadland” (Searchlight):Frances McDormand.could win a third Best Actress Oscar for her role as Fern, a middle-aged widow whose job at a small-town gypsum mine is forced to closed. She decides to buy a van and hit the road while looking for work ranging from Amazon fulfillment centers and cleaning bathrooms at RV parks. Zhao, whose breakout film “The Rider,” surrounds McDormand with actual nomads who give Fern tips and become her colorful and compassionate companions. Mother Nature, meanwhile, provides the perfect panorama for lifting our pandemic blues. If “Nomadland” triumphs, it will be the second time that a female-directed Best Picture has won afterKathryn Bigelow2009年“受伤储物柜”。

2. “The Trial of the Chicago 7” (Netflix):Writer and directorAaron Sorkinserves up more traditional Oscar bait with a courtroom drama that delves into the trial of protest leaders accused of inciting a riot during a protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The mostly male cast is a virtual who’s who of talent withSacha Baron a stand-out as YippieAbbie Hoffmanand弗兰克劳埃拉作为一个奇怪的无能为力的判断,他的口头爆发经常借给诉讼程序的闹剧的元素。这个地标案将与Boomer选民以及年轻人共鸣。

3.“Minari”(A24):主任和作家李艾玛克涌mines his own childhood for this tale of a young South Korean family who moves from California to rural Arkansas in the 1980s with the hopes of growing produce from their homeland. While patriarch Jacob (史蒂文yeun.)在他的追求中被追求,他的妻子莫妮卡(Yeri Han)在荒野中陷入困境的预房子较少。帮助留着六岁的儿子大卫(现场偷窃艾伦S. Kim)和Tween女儿安妮(Noel Kate Cho),孙子孙子(yuh-jung youn)很快加入了他们。最初,大卫在他的奶奶中分享他的卧室,但这对像盗贼一样厚厚,因为他们分享了对山露和自然走的热爱。一年前,“Minari”获得了圣丹斯的美国戏剧性的大奖赛和美国戏剧性的大陪审团奖。

4. “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” (Netflix):Based on a play byAugust Wilsonand directed by theater veteranGeorge C. Wolfe因为“Ma Rainey的黑底”肯定会感受到一个受欢迎的舞台阶段,因为这是一个狭窄的排练室和一个录音室,在布鲁斯女王制作专辑的录音室。然而,中提琴戴维斯brings a fiery swagger to the larger-than-life singing legend with her bountiful bosom, silver teeth and kohl-rimmed eyes as her diva attitude takes the film to a higher level. Yet the most memorable performance is given by the lateChadwick Boseman。他和沙带作为自夸和雄心勃勃的小号手堤坝。他不仅敢于嘲笑长老的音乐家,但他敢于在她的鼻子下引诱马的女朋友。但他的爆炸性脾气导致他的故事悲惨。如果Wolfe被提名为他的Helming,他可以成为赢得最佳总监荣誉的第一个黑名董事。

5.“迈阿密一天晚上”(亚马逊工作室):里贾纳国王那the Oscar-winning actress for 2018’s “If Beale Street Could Talk,” makes her feature directing debut in this film that portrays a fictionalized meeting between Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir),足球明星Jim BrownAldis Hodge), singerSam Cooke(Leslie Odom Jr.), and Cassius Clay (Eli Goree) after a 1964 heavyweight title fight in Miami. Verbal sparring ensues as Malcolm X tells Cooke he is a sell-out for pandering to white patrons rather than the black community. Clay shares he is going to convert to the Nation of Islam while Brown is considering a career as a film actor. But Malcolm X is nervous about his own future while being harassed by the FBI and considering leaving the Nation of Islam. While the hotel room backdrop makes it feel a bit like a play, listening to the quartet debate issues of the day proves transfixing enough. King could make history two ways—by being the second woman to win Best Director and the first Black director to win.

6.“有前途的年轻女子”(焦点特征):Emerald Fennell,女演员和艾美赢得的第2季Showrunner为“杀戮夏娃”,使得一个Wham-Bang功能指导首次亮相,将#MOTOO运动带到下一个级别的问责制。Carey Mulliganstars as a 30-year-old medical school drop-out who still lives with her parents. By day, she is a barista. By night, she entraps men into picking her up by acting drunk at bars. When they invariably take her to their place to take advantage of her inebriated state, she reveals that she is stone-cold sober and questions what they are up to. That is her way of dealing with the loss of her best friend who was raped by a classmate while she was drunk. She takes on other targets such as the female dean of the medical school who refused to look into the case. The twisty ending to the film is up for some debate. But there is no denying that this is quite a timely and much-needed story to tell. Fennell could also be in the running for the second woman to claim the Best Director prize.

7. “Mank” (Netflix):The word on the street is that, much like Netflix’s “The Irishman” last year, "Mank" will likely amass a mountain of nominations, both above and below the line. But despiteMartin Scorsese’s mob tale’s 10 nominations, it went home empty-handed. As forDavid Fincher’s depiction of the alcoholic screenwriter赫尔曼·j·曼凯维奇由奥斯卡奖得主加里老人(2016年的“黑暗时刻”),这部电影关注他的年代truggles to finish the script for奥森韦林斯’s 1941 classic “Citizen Kane.” A trophy for its black-and-white cinematography might be its best bet along with costumes, hair and makeup, and production design.

8. “The Father” (Sony Pictures Classics):痴呆症是本赛季很多电影中的一个共同主题,来自被誉为的纪录片“Dick Johnson已经死了”到“超新星”Stanley Tucci作为一个作家,因为他与他的伴侣一起参加最后一次公路旅行时,他们的内存正在褪色,Colin Fileth.。But “The Father” is a step above in this feature debut by French director Florian Zeller. He is helped by a cast headed by two of the most acclaimed Oscar-winning actors of our time,Olivia Colman(2018’s “The Favourite”) and安东尼霍普金斯(1991年的“羔羊的沉默”)。科尔曼的Anne决定与她的成熟爸爸一起进入,并承担成为他看护人的任务,而观众被置于被抹去的人的人的心灵中。

9.“DA 5血液”(Netflix):What doesSpike Lee必须终于赢得最好的照片或指导奥斯卡?也许那些奖项将来自这个史诗般的黑客越南战争退伍军人的史诗般的故事,他们回到该国寻找堕落的小队领导者的遗体,以及他们留下的宝藏。不受欢迎的德罗伊林多might finally get a shot at an Oscar nomination while Chadwick Boseman might get a second posthumous nod in the supporting category for his “Stormin'” Norman Earl Holloway, the men’s fallen leader. Also Lee’s in-house composer特伦斯·布兰安斯在2018年的“Blackkklansman”首先,可能会获得原始得分的第二名提名。

10.“世界新闻”(环球图片):成立于1870年并指导Paul GreengrassTom Hanks前沿和中心作为联邦队长杰斐逊凯尔基德,一个较鸽子 - 以及该国其他地区 - 正试图与该司,死亡和破坏仍然困扰该国。他在城里旅行到城镇,并从报纸上朗读。当他遇到一个名叫Johanna(12岁的德国新人的女孩时,他得到了WaylaidHelena Zengel) beside a overturned wagon. He agrees to return the girl, who was living with Native Americans, to her surviving family.

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