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Eastwood’s conceptions of heroism and villainy have always been, if not endlessly complex, at least never simplistic.



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Just three months after “切尔诺贝利”成为字的口碑命中夏天,HBO返回到世界历史的另一系列有关的危机,以及一个观众可能都太熟悉了:以色列和巴勒斯坦。但是,“我们的孩子”有一个真实犯罪故事可能不众所周知,关于该升级了,在2014年展会创夏阿加伊·列维影响双方绑架的紧张,Joseph Cedarand Tawfik Abu-Wael take a saga that comes with a lot of given tension that just doesn’t arrive on screen, especially as the series seems to embody the problem of some shows being far too long then they need to be. There’s so much at stake and yet “Our Boys” doesn’t have an urgency, one that I fear will be fatal to the show especially as the tale's sporadic twists are spread too thin across ten episodes.


“Our Boys” is very much like a missing child epic from aDennis Lehanestory ("《失踪的宝贝》”“神秘河") with its first episode starting with the disappearance of three Israeli boys in Jerusalem. By the end of episode one, their bodies have been discovered, and the police are trying to keep an eye out for any revenge plots, while controlling the public narrative. They know that people are going to be upset—and reactive—and even the media statements by the parents of the missing children have to be monitored so much as to not rile up angry crowds even more.

But then “Our Boys” moves onto a revenge plot by episode two, and in its first big set back doesn’t give the opening kidnapping storyline a fulfilling conclusion. It instead focuses on the disappearance of an Arab boy named Muhammad (Ram Masarweh), whose fate leads to another political mess and PR disaster, especially as the outraged people in his East Jerusalem neighborhood clamor for justice, and start to become destructive. This saga is given a personal angle by following his grieving father, Hussein (Jony Arbid), who learns in due time that his son is no longer as private affair, but that of hundreds of thousands of people. In a powerful passage in an earlier episode, he witnesses a wave of people forcefully claim his son (so to speak), and he realizes that he has a better chance at changing the literal direction of the angry crowd than in having a proper private sense of grief.

同时,“我们的孩子”成为一类的程序为调查失踪,与以色列安全局(AKA沙巴克)警方进行合作,利用广阔的监控,入侵手机,和其他任何他们可以用赏心悦目来追踪可能的嫌疑犯。主要研究者西蒙(Shlomi Elkabetz)从移动显示器充满控制室街头来回,有时戴着圆顶小帽为手段,以掩护下去,谁调查可能与事件有关的一些犹太男子。但紧张是如此之高,逮捕必须是100%肯定,否则这片土地上的动荡可能会变得更糟。“我们的孩子”把我们通过一步一步的过程这样的背景下,这将是有趣的,如果它有越踢之中,而是它的字面性质导致了整体燥音。


Even with a story like this, given all of its inherent conflicts, “Our Boys” has a frustrating slackness. Part of that feels to be because of its length—it’s a series that runs for ten 55-minute episodes, and seemingly features every minor interaction that could possibly move the plot along. But it’s also due to the visual storytelling, which feels limited to handheld camerawork and cross-cutting between different narratives, without the atmosphere gaining a proper nervousness. It’s the strange case of a narrative that might have been curated carefully with its investigative beats, but so little appears to happen in each episode that a necessary tension is lost.

This stagnant nature strands the uniformly strong cast, who often wrestle with massive emotions in a time of personal and political strife becoming intertwined. “Our Boys” wants to get into everyone’s head, and only sometimes conveys the urgency of a parent’s pain, or the anger of someone who feels attacked, wanting to retaliate. It spends a fair amount of time with a group of young Jewish men, including the meek Avishai (Adam Gabay) and his brash leader, Yosef (Ben Melech), himself the son of a revered rabbi. It's in these long stretches, watching these men as they celebrate the Sabbath—and sneak away to break its rules—that the series wants to pull some truth from out of their conservative shells, but "Our Boys" can't quite articulate it, while the pacing suffers in the process.




一个人给HBO一点功劳把这个项目的生命 - 它是反“Euphoria” or “Succession” when it comes to salacious material, and it is going to tell its mega-slow-burn yarn across nine weeks, premiering its first two episodes tonight. But even without those hit series in mind, “Our Boys” feels like a saga that desperately needs to be reined in, especially as it can’t even maintain the sense of nervous conflict that initially inspired it. Youcan too easily imagine "Our Boys" leaving a deeper impression by being half the episode length, or cut into a two-hour movie.


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